Click on an address from the list

Enter an address to find building permits within 500 feet of the property.


Click on a month to show all building permits issued during the month.

Show permits by category

Show permits by contractor

This map is a 'mashup' of Google Maps and building permit locations from the Building Permit module of the City of Davis SunGard Public Sector AS400 database. The data displayed on this map are from a copy of data on the AS400 and therefore not a live snapshot of current building permit records. The data on this map are updated regularly (last updated on ). Data can be displayed for the previous 12 months. Only records with a valid address that can be mapped are displayed.

Select from the left-side menu to show building permit locations on the map by:

  • Individual Address
  • Distance from an Address
  • Month
  • Category with date range, or
  • Contractor
The left-side menu will display related inspection information.

This application was developed by the City of Davis, Information Systems Division, GIS.