Enter an address or an intersection to find poles and signs within 300 feet. Use the word 'at' for intersections such as Russell Blvd at Oak Ave

Or double-click on the map to locate poles and signs within 300 feet of the location.

Show signs by MUTCD

Show signs by Pole Number

Show signs by Sign Alt ID Number

Show signs by range of date of the:

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This map is a 'mashup' of Google Maps and street sign locations from the street sign and street pole module of the City of Davis Lucity (GBA) database. The data displayed on this map are from a SQL view of the sign and pole GIS geodatabase.

Select from the left-side menu to show sign locations on the map by:

  • Proximity to an address or street intersection
  • MUTCD Number
  • or category within a date range
The right-side menu will display related inspection information.

This application was developed by the City of Davis, Information Systems Division, GIS.