Click on an grid square on the map to get a PDF printable map of zoning and planned development districts in the City of Davis, California.

Use the Zoning Development Standards and Uses Map to obtain the standards, uses, and conditions for an address within a zoning district.

Enter an address to get an atlas page:


This map contains a grid of the zoning atlas maps for the City of Davis, California. The zoning atlas is a series of 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch sized maps in PDF format based on the address atlas grid of the City of Davis. The atlas grid approximates quarter sections of the Public Land Survey and each grid or atlas map is 1/2 mile by 1/2 mile in area.

Click on a grid to retrieve the PDF map or enter a street address for the zoning atlas at the location.

This application was developed by the City of Davis, Information Systems Division, GIS.